Friday, August 31, 2012

A Tribe Called Quest-8 Million Stories

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - 'My Love For Evermore' (ft. Sparky from D...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aesop Rock - Wise Up

where the born-agains and pagans claim the same corner store pavement (pavement)
silence and the needle pin hybrid
bought you this reflecting pool to school you on my underlying bias
now if
i polish of the poison with a sip
i know my orphanage massive will help you lift my casket

Jel - No Solution

back to school back to school to prove to mom that im not a fool.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maker - Yap In My Pillow

Giardini Di Miro - Given Ground (alias remix)


Dear and the Headlights - Grace

Signing up for that second semester
Because you won't marry without the degree
Once I fix things up right
You won't be so embarrassed of me
I'll never make it now, but at least looking in
The mirror won't feel like lying
Posing for your stilted vision
Academic postcard prison

Raise your chin love
Purged a poem I swore was finished
Heaping lines half chewed unconscious
Settle on a plot, chalk another loss
Stage set for breathing and
Choking on swallowed conversations
Clutching and crawling for constant validation

Let's get dolled up and play pretend
Cause nothing stays honest when
Every thought is cursed with intent
A pulse covered in skin and
Words covered in lips
Taste the regret as it leaves your stomach
Coating your tongue with every noun
Watery eyes the only thing
That makes sense now
Spitting your insides out
Start over start over start over start over

Autolux - Plantlife (From the Basement)